Imagine bringing your child to a hospital in a wheel barrel or in a bicycle basket as you ride for 4 weeks to the hospital.  Or imaging having to beg a clergyman for five dollars for an admission fee so your child can get into an emergency room.

These are serious problems that children and their families endure in Mexico and Nigeria.  In April of 2006 the International College for Maxillofacial Surgery formed the International Foundation for Children with Cranialfacial Disorders (IFCCD) to assist these children and their families.

Our mission is to directly help deformed children and their families to obtain expert care.  to accomplish this, we generated a list of surgical experts from around the world.  We have provided modern instruments, pay rent for operating and recovery rooms and refurbished outmoded operating facilities so that these children can receive care.

We have worked with organizations such as People to People and Project Hope to help identify the neediest children.  The IFCCD is a 501 c(3) organization that uses 100% of every donated dollar to provide care and services to children with cranial facial disorders.  Administrative fees are not paid fro the foundation donations.

By paying $250 to hospitals for renting operating and recovery rooms we have enabled 40 children with cleft lips and palates to have surgery in Katmandu, Nepal.

We have given a $100 to each family of cleft lip and palate children in Chappas, Mexico to pay for their transportation to and from the hospital following their surgery.  In Ibadan, we’ve provided fiber-optic anesthesia equipment to eliminate the need for unnecessary infant tracheotomies.

In Rwanda, we donated $100,000 worth of plates and screws to enable surgeons to reconstruct faces.  In Lagos, we were helpful in refurbishing a World War II operating room to enable these children to have a place for their surgery.

in Antigua, Guatemala, we helped build an extra operating room so that more complex surgery can be accomplished.

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